Non-degree Student・Auditor・Researcher System

Non-degree Student System

About Non-degree Students

The non-degree student system is for people who are not admitted to our college, including alumni, to take undergraduate and graduate school courses we offer (except in some subjects) in the relevant fiscal year. Credit is given when a student passes the exam of the course taken. To enroll as a non-degree student, you must go through a required screening process.

Auditor System

About Audit Students

The auditor system is for people to take undergraduate courses we offer withoutreceiving credit.
*There is no auditor system in our graduate school.

Researcher System

About Research Students

The research system aims to study specific subjects under the guidance of the faculty of our graduate school. To be accepted as a research student, you need to have an interview with the faculty member you wish to be your mentor and follow their prescribed procedures.


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