Admission Policy

Educational Philosophy

With human dignity as its basis、our objective is to pursue the advanced expertise to accommodate a variety of health needs.

Educational Objectives

Using the humanitarian principles of the Red Cross, we cultivate nursing experts who execute interdisciplinary research of a variety of health needs, and who create and practice the theory and technique to accommodate social needs which relate to the areas of health, medicine, and welfare in domestic and foreign areas.

The Students We Are Seeking

We seek students who are highly motivated to develop professional, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural knowledge of nursing, health, and welfare.

For example:

・Students who are willing to research questions and theoretical problems during every practice from an interdisciplinary point of view.
・Students who are willing to systematize their daily practice to a discipline to improve their nursing skills.
・Students who are willing to study the theory and methods of nursing and health sciences education as researchers and also as educational leaders.
・Students who are willing to develop the theory and technique of the practice of nursing and health, to take advantage of the cultural characteristics an individual’s community.
・Students who are willing to propose a concrete method for applying Japan’s nursing practice globally.
・Students who are willing to learn analysis and evaluation skills, logical representation skills, and planning skills (and their educational methods) to deliver the benefits of nursing to society at large.